Terms and Definitions
Acronym Full Name
(A) Acronyms from Manuals
AC/DC Alternating Current/Direct Current
AGM Absorbent Glass Materials
AH Amp Hours
CSI Current solar income- the amount of solar energy that falls as sunlight
DSHW Domestic Solar Hot Water
GPM Gallons Per Minute
ICS Intergral Collector Storage
J Joule- watt second
kwH Kilowatt Hour
LCB Linear Cuurrent Booster
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LED Liquid E –Display
LGIP Large Generator Interconnection Procuedures
MPPT Maximum power point tracking
OCPD Over Current Protective Devices
psi Pounds per sq inch
SGIP Small Generator Interconnection Procedures
SHW Solar Hot Water
SI International System of Units
SRS Solar Racking System
STC Standard Test Condition
TAS Turbine Alternator Stator
thm Therm-a no SI unit of energy
Vadj Adjusted Voltage
Vmax Maximum Voltage
Vmp Maximum Voltage Power
VOC Open Circuit Valve for Module
VR Valve Regulated
(B) Acronyms for Organizations
AREA Arkansas Renewable Energy Association
ARWS American Rain Water Systems
ASES American Soalr Energy Society
ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refridgeration, & Air Conditioning Engineeers
AWEA American Wind Energy Association
DOE US Dept of Energy
DSWH Domestic Solar Water Heating
EAA Electric Auto Association
IPP Independent Power Providers
LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
MPR Multipoint Relay
NABCEP North American Board Certified Energy Practitioner
NEC National Electric Code
NEED National Energy Education Development
NFS National Sanitation Foundation
NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NYERDA New York Energy Research & Development Authority
PBI Production Based Initiative
PPA Power Purchase Agreement
PTC Parasitic Transmission Costs
PTC Production Tax Credit
PTT Paraitic Transaction Time
RDG Retail Distributed Generation – 2OMW Large – Central
REDI Renewable Energy Development Institute
REAP Rural Economic Action Plan
RIA Rate Payer Impact Analysis
RPS/RES Renewable Portfolio Standard/Renewable Electricity Standard
SEI Solar Energy International
SEPA Solar Electric Power Associatoin
SNAP Substantial Natural Alternative Power
SRCC Solar Rating & Certification Corporation
TIG Transmission – Interconnected Generation
TOD Transit Oriented Development
TREC Traceable Renewable Energy Credits
UL Underwriter’s Laboratory
UPCUPC Uniform Plumbing CodeUniform Plumbing Code
UPVG Utility PhotoVolataic Group
USGBC United States Green Building Council
WDG Wholesale Distribution Access Tariffs
WDG Wholesale Distributed Generation – 2OMW Small – Distributed
(C) Policy Acronyms
FIT Feed In Tariff
REESA Renewable Energy & Economic Stimulus Act
DREA Distributed Renewable Energy Assesment